Saturday, December 12, 2009

ya down with o.c.d.? yeah you know me!

so i started noticing recently (and not so recently) all of my little "quirks". yeah, i got em. big surprise, yeah right.. it started when i went to the store to buy some candles for christmas. i grabbed one. and that didn't seem right. so i grabbed another candle. and it really, really bothered me. for some reason, i don't like the number 2. no joke. so i ended up buying 3. that made me start thinking back. i've ALWAYS avoided even numbers, as long as i could get away with it. 3's and 5's are good. 7 of course, is one of the best. when medicine calls for taking 2 pills... that sucks.

i'm a checker, too. but i've always known that one. i check locks. once doesn't cut it. and of course, 2 is out. so it takes 3 or 5 times for me to be ok. same with checking the stove. and that's why i stopped using an alarm clock. i would stand there FOREVER checking the alarm time i set it for. and yes, even when i'm comfy in bed... snuggled up.. warm, once the thought hits, even though i know, for example, that i locked the door, i can picture myself doing it.. i still have to get up and check it several times...

when i was driving my old car, (a standard) i started "tapping". i tapped the stick constantly to make sure it was in the right gear. i would drive myself nuts. luckily, i now drive an automatic. :) now, i just tap the auto lock button.

and last, but definitely not least... (this goes with being a "checker").. i will read this about 5 to 7 times to make sure it's ok. not even checking for spelling. i just have to read it over and over until i feel good enough to click "publish". i do that with text messages, emails, facebook comments... my status takes FOREVER to update. and don't get me started on math problems. i don't like to double check, i gotta triple check.

so there. a little insight into my brain. i'm sorry if it wasn't pleasant.

so, i'm gonna go scroll up and begin my "checking"... so i can finally, finally, click "post".


Melissa said...

OMG - you are hilarious. I am okay with 2's. BUT i am like you in the checking things. Not as bad - if i check it once, i'm good. But to just "know" that i did it - that doesn't do. MUST GO BACK & Make sure! Brad is that way too, he's had his parent's drive to his house to make sure he turned the stove off! If he doesn't remember doing it, he is scared he didn't! HA.

BTW, i so didn't know you had a blog! Just sayin!

jennifer renee said...

yes, ma'am.. i started not too long ago.. glad you found mine. i've been following yours for a bit. ;) it's funny how we all found each other, and we all love to write. great minds think alike! or is it crazy minds think alike? ;) love you girl!