Monday, December 14, 2009

good will hunting

no, this isn't a movie review. i had "and on earth, peace, good will toward men" and my brain did what it always does. it drifted.
so, in the true christian home, we are focused on Baby Jesus around this time of year. i like to think about the few weeks prior to the manger scene.. i'm gonna go allllll the way back to when mary was chillaxin, probably busy writing notes to Joseph "do you want to be my boyfriend? check the box: yes no maybe so". probably daydreaming about her crush, and this bright glowy figure shows up and says "hey girl! whooa, don't freak out! i got some good news for you. IT'S A BOY!!!"
holy cow.. i remember when i was younger and i thought kissing a boy would knock me up. poor mary! but i really love her response. "she pondered this in her heart". i'm sure she kinda freaked out. she walked to her cousins house, who was also miraculously pregnant... i'm picturing the scene. mary was young and pregnant, and Elizabeth was ooooold and pregnant. they probably compared notes, neither really knowing what giving birth was gonna be like.
then, that stinking decree making them go back to their birthhome. imagine being "great with child", riding a donkey from one city to another. i remember being 9 months pregnant, and every bump on the road was painful. i can't imagine a donkey ride that far along!!
joseph was probably doing some pondering, too. i'm sure some of the people around them were talking about the pregnancy. making comments under their breath about joseph not being the "father". it had to be tough for them.
so they go from "inn to inn" looking for a place. rejection from all of those people. yep, kinda fitting... to reject baby Jesus, and later all those people rejected Him again.
its just a thought...

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