Wednesday, December 23, 2009

it just didn't fit

so. i've always been the jeans, tank tops, and flip flop kinda gal. it takes me less than 30 minutes to shower, put on some eye makeup and lip gloss, and comb out my hair... i snort when i laugh.. i'm not graceful at all... i talk too loud when i'm excited... i laugh too loud at stupid things... ok.. you get the picture.

so one day, after seeing some of my friends and watching some hip chicks on tv, i decided to give girly girl a try. i got big hoopie earings... sassy skirts... hot mama shirts... chunky purses... hooker heels... actually "fixed" my hair... a crapload of makeup... but it just didn't fit. i really did want it to.. it looked so cool on everyone else... but it wasn't me.

so i exchanged the big earrings for my usual small hoops... switched back to my black canvas cross body purse.. jeans.. flip flops or skater shoes... let my hair decide what to do on its on.. and it. felt. good.

i still run into those girly girl types... i feel so out of place.. and think, i'm so boring.. so blah! but then... i remember.. it just didn't fit.


Melissa said...

i completely get this! LOL!!

jennifer renee said...

melissa, it's so funny... half the things you say, well, more than half :) you sound like me!! isn't that funny? we haven't been around each other in forever... and we have the same "sayings"... i am so glad to find you again!!! merry christmas!!