Friday, January 8, 2016

"Holy Crap, y'all, I'm a Mom..." Previously titled: "...Noah Gray..."

Apparently, in April of 2011, I had the misguided notion that I could have 4 kids, blog, and adult at the same time. I think I originally was attempting to announce the birth of kid #4 in this one. and then, life. I also attempted a few times to log in and write, but I forgot my password and just gave up. For 5 YEARS, y'all. Because, life. I finally did the song and dance to change my password, and here I am. I read through old blogs and apparently, I am weird. For a lot longer than I originally thought. but that's ok. SO much has happened in the past 5 years. "So many". I started working, found a church, moved, and my sister died. Those are just the "highlights". I have a feeling that if i don't forget my password again I will be writing about a few of these things pretty soon. Or it may be like the yoga thing and "this too, shall pass". Because that was not fun. All those poses and stretching and possible sweating. No thank you.

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