Tuesday, April 6, 2010


yes, it's been a while since i last... blogged... my mind has been literally going a mile a minute.. don't you just love those little phrases we use, even if they don't make sense? anyway, i started noticing how my thoughts work.. i can wear myself out sometimes... and i decided, i need to do something about it.. i also want to be healthier and start exercising.. learn how to be a little more (ok... alot more) focused... so, i did what i do best... i googled.. and started finding some stuff on yoga.... i know, right? my first thoughts? buddist/monks/hinduism/hippies... yogi bear... third eye blind... yeah, i know... but as i was reading on the different forms, i saw that it doesn't always go with other religions.. it can just be about becoming healthier, bendy (ha!), centered, peaceful, calm, focused... you get the point. so i started asking around, i have friends in every.. let's say, "walk of life"... a good friend of mine put it this way.. it can help you grow closer to God... i get that.. if you learn to block out all the drama in your life, learn to focus... sit still.. and listen... maybe the whisper won't be so faint? i'm just saying, isn't it worth a try? for me it is.. so, i am on a mission to learn a little more about it, start the stretching and posing and whatnot... and yes, meditation. don't laugh. i don't mean that kind of meditation.. just ... trying to find some balance. nothing else has worked so far, so, why not? i know to be careful... i know where the line in the sand is... i'm going to learn how to... just.. breathe.....


Melissa said...

Ha - you just reminded me of the days when people said yoga was "bad" b/c it came from eastern religions. Or something. i totally forgot that!

But you're right.

I recently tried yoga for the first time. It was NOT easy! I somehow thought it'd be easier than the regular cardio i am doing. It was TOUGH! Of course i got Jillian's Yoga (from The Biggest Loser) & she is hard core! But it was cool! :)

jennifer renee said...

i will need "yoga for dummies" or "yoga for the clumsy" to start off with. :)