Tuesday, April 6, 2010

doggog style

learned my first lesson today on concentrating... from my 2 year old. i'm trying to teach my brain how to focus on one thing at a time.. my thoughts are so random and everywhere, this is very hard for me to do. so, let me give you an example. folding clothes. i'm focusing on the task at hand. sounds easy? here's my thought process: folding the towel... folding the.. hey, what's that beeping? oh yeah.. clothes.... folding the shirts... folding the... walmart... i need to make a walmart list.. oh yeah... folding clothes. ok, so ... you get the picture.
so this is how the lesson learned went:
me: zoe, you want a hot dog?
zoe: doggog!!!
me: ok, let me fix it for you...
zoe: doggog!! doggog!!!!!!!!
me: i'm getting it, hang on!
zoe: doooooooggoooooooog!! doggog.. doggog.... DOGGOG!!!!
me: argh....
yep. my 2 year old taught me my lesson of the day... how to focus.. doggog style....

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